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Default Re: Captain America:News,Speculation
Q: How are things developing with Captain America?

Feige: Things are going very well. Joe Johnston is just on his way back from the UK where was doing some of the Wolf Man stuff. He'll still be in the editing room for a while. We officially go into preproduction in October for a June 28th, 2010 start of production. We'll start casting, I'd like to start casting this summer. It depends on how much we can get Joe and the writers are working on the script as we speak.

Q: Are any of the actors that tested for Thor maybe under consideration; big, tall, blonde, blue eyed guys?

Feige: Maybe, yeah. I mean, we saw a lot of actors, as you can imagine, for Thor. So I think some of them probably will be. I saw some feedback for Chris that said, “Gosh, he seems more like a Cap than a Thor” - when of course he's the captain of the Starship and his hair is parted perfectly and he's in a big suit. But of course he couldn't be Cap.

Q: Why not?

Feige: Why not? He's Australian. Cap has to be an American. I'm saying that now. I hope that it's true [laughs]. That's certainly what we think we'll have to do...

Q: What steps are you taking to try and make Captain America an international hit?

Feige: Well, we've got that subtitle on it, either on it or before it or under it or within it of The First Avenger. The reason for that was, A, to link it in the MCU and let people know how it ties into this bigger thing and the other thing is maybe internationally, maybe that's the title internationally. I don't know. I think it's more of a challenging marketing effort than it is a movie effort. The Cap story is very relatable; the scrawny kid who wants to fight, who wants to prove himself, who wants to show his worth. I think that's universal. I think that during World War II the world was a very different place and very much more unified between the good guys and the bad guys. Frankly, at the end of the day Captain America will probably be our most internationally located movie. I think there will be more international locations in the Cap movie than in any other Marvel movie. I think there will be more international actors and character in a Captain America movie than in any of our other movies.

Q: So you're not just going to CGI the shield and call it, say, “Captain Japan?”

Feige: [laughs] That's not a bad idea.

Q: Are you going to get a big name for “Captain” or are you looking to get another unknown?

Feige: We'll see. I do think that's something that we'll take into account, international appeal. There are only a handful of stars that mean anything here much less overseas. But I do think that will be a factor in it. As long as we have the freedom to do so at Marvel….to just cast the best actor for the part whether it's an actor who's been a great actor, but hasn't starred in marquee action movies before like Downey or somebody that came out of Australia that they've never heard of.

Q: But don't you have a problem because Captain is also going to be an Avenger and you'll obviously want to put him in a lot of films. So you want to get this A-list actor that might appeal internationally, but that A-list actor also has to sign on for four movies or five movies….

Feige: Or six movies.

Q: There's been some talk of going with a Will Smith and using the “Truth” storyline of Captain America.

Feige: I love the “Truth” storyline. I think that's very cool. I wouldn't do that as a first Captain America movie though. I think Will Smith is probably one of those handful of international stars. But I think that [arc] came about four or five hundred issues in to the “Cap” run. I don't see launching with that comic.

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