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Default Re: The 'Streets of Gotham' Thread

At first I was afraid that Dick was going to be way too much like Bruce, but the "maybe next time Robin" line made it clear that Richard Grayson is going to be a much more fun Batman.

I really liked this preview. So far I know I'm on board for Batman and Robin and Streets of Gotham. Winick's Batman is really going to have to wow me for me to consider it though. I've been burned by his stuff way to much in the past.

Also, I'm new here. I want to say hi. I put a post in another Batman thread I found here. This place is pretty big... I'm still figuring it out. However, I do want to invite Nightwing/Dick Grayson fans to check out my fan site:

We have a forum too, and now that i have two posts, I plan on putting the link in my signature.

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