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Default Re: The 'Streets of Gotham' Thread

Originally Posted by Will44 View Post
At first I was afraid that Dick was going to be way too much like Bruce, but the "maybe next time Robin" line made it clear that Richard Grayson is going to be a much more fun Batman.

I really liked this preview. So far I know I'm on board for Batman and Robin and Streets of Gotham. Winick's Batman is really going to have to wow me for me to consider it though. I've been burned by his stuff way to much in the past.

Also, I'm new here. I want to say hi. I put a post in another Batman thread I found here. This place is pretty big... I'm still figuring it out. However, I do want to invite Nightwing/Dick Grayson fans to check out my fan site:

We have a forum too, and now that i have two posts, I plan on putting the link in my signature.
Welcome to the hype man

I agree I like what this new Batman presents you see Bruce's influence but you also clearly see that it's not Bruce. He really is the true son of the bat he's a much better Batman in everyway except he could never replicate Bruce's will which is what always makes the real Batman. He has a much better relationship with the DCU as a whole though than Bruce ever did and he even has a much better rapport with Superman than Batman does.

I'm mixed on Winnick what he did to Young Justice was a crime but I'm buying the book this Wednesday just cause it's refreshing to have a new issue of BATMAN on the stands again. I haven't been fond of the way he writes Dick at all. I dropped Outsiders cause of him and a lot of that had to do with his Nightwing. As long as Batman isn't always losing fights he could clearly win and getting raped by a random villainess I'll be ok with it.

As I said I want Dick and Damian as Batman and Robin at least for 5 years. Then a seperate comic about the adventures of Bruce through time and **** that could be epic if done right. He seems to have escaped the omega sanction but is stuck in the past. So many possibilities Bruce Vs. Caveman Vandal Savage maybe he gets affected by the meteorite too? so much could change for Bruce now.

Imagine Bruce Vs. Ra's Al Ghul from the beginning of Ra's time. But DiDio would never ok something that awesome he's too spineless as an EIC. He's not about the storytelling he's about keeping status quo's to appease the people who whine about DC instead of evolving the mythos giving them more epic qualities. When silver age fans whined he did what they asked. He'd do the same with Bats, he'd succomb to the fanboys that aren't content with hundreds of trades new mini series', Superman/Batman and Batman Confidential for their Bruce Batman fix. I say this as someone who's been a Batman fan for 20 + years now, I wouldn't mind this era to even last a decade but I know I'm in a serious minority with that one.

I enjoy comic book adaptations but I'm a comic book fan first and foremost. Not a comic book movie fan.
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