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Default Re: The 'Streets of Gotham' Thread

Yeah I mean his determination Bruce Wayne is obsessed with his mission it's pretty much the basis of everything he became. It's why he's such a great detective it's why he's such a competent fighter that's the only thing Nightwing lacks but for Bruce Wayne that name is just an alias and his real name is Batman. That's the difference as you said Dick Grayson actually has a real life just like Nightwing did it wasn't as one sided.

Morrison said he could write Batman forever (no pun) cause he enjoys it so much I already think this is a much better fit for him than Bruce Wayne the Batgod was. He hesitated on Dick and finally went all out with what he thinks of him in this issue, he gets it and it's not Nightwing as Batman it is Batman just not the one that we once knew. So this is why I hope he rides with this for a while beyond 12 issues. I doubt it though unless sales are like phenomenal during this new era.

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