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Default Re: Hulk vs Thor

I was never really in to Thor before seeing Hulk Vs., but I've got to say that after I saw it, I couldn't buy Avengers: Disassembled: Thor and the first volume of the Straczynski relaunch fast enough.

Having said that, I now have a basis to agree with you guys that the fight should been far less one-sided. Still, the movie was pretty darn entertaining from a newbie's perspective. Yeah, the fight was really lopsided (I'm going to excuse it by assuming that the writers were the kind of Hulk fans who think that anger is infinite, so without Banner inside and regulating Hulk's anger/strength, it just made his strength infinite. Whatever), but the movie wholly succeeded in immersing me in the world of Asgard and it's characters. I loved the setting and all of the actors, and they're all almost exactly the voices that I envision the characters having when I read them in the comic. The only exceptions to that are Fred Tatasciore's Hulk and Bryce Johnson's Bruce Banner. As good as they are, Neal McDonough and Lou Ferrigno from the 90s cartoon (and the live action movie in Lou's case) are my fav voices for Banner and Hulk.

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