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Originally Posted by TheCorpulent1 View Post
Well, you've gotta sort of expect that things'll be condensed or even ignored in such a short production compared to a 40-year comic franchise.
Well this is true.

I think Amora does potentially love Thor in her own way, but she knows she can never have him and she made the whole seductress angle part of her core a long, long time ago, so she deals with his tacit (and sometimes outright) rejection by flitting from one fling to the next. She goes back to the Executioner a lot (whom I think she also loved to some extent, in an imperfect, ego-driven sort of way), but she's also had relationships with Heimdall and others.
Hmm. Narcissism. Or low self-esteem.

So, how about that Sif? Not a bad design, but her face was a little too rectangular in some shots.

Would voice actor Matt Wolf have been better suited to voicing Balder instead of Thor?

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