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Default Re: Would you watch an X-Men animated series/DTV/film that did not have Wolverine in

As Jones just revealed, I would kill to have a series about the original 5 in their early days, or maybe a variation on the early X-Factor stories from the 80s that brought them back together (part of me fears that some of the things done in EVOLUTION and W&TXM may have hurt the already slim chances of a show focused on the classic 5 in the original phase). The real problem essentially is that Marvel probably doesn't have the balls to do an X-Men series that doesn't feature Wolverine on a regular basis, even though there are those among us who've grown tired of him. Hell, even if they did greenlight a series for the original 5 in the beginning, there'd probably have to be some cheesy, obligatory Wolverine guest spot - "Faced with a new threat, the X-Men have no choice but to forge an uneasy alliance with the mysterious Canadian operative known only as Wolverine." The whole thing would end up being a showcase of Wolverine talking trash to Cyclops & dismissing the gang as "kids".

But it's nice to know I'm not alone on this.

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