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Default Re: The 'Streets of Gotham' Thread

Art was great in this issue, I didn't care that Robin's costume was a little different. I've delt with Tim's and Dick's hairstyles and length changing panel-by-panel in some issues, so I can get over a few costume changes.

Story was fantastic, I really like that Dick doesn't seem to be taking a "softer" approach and doesn't seem to mind Damian at least acting pretty violent. "Can I cut out her tounge Batman." "Maybe next time Robin."

It did seem short, but I really enjoyed the Manhunter backup in the issue as well.

I think overall this is going to be a good book. I had a darker and and quieter feel to it. I can see this replacing Detective as my favorite book especially considering Paul Dini is working on it.

As a side note, I'm hoping that they start moving Damian farther away from this book. The fact that he is in Batman and Robin is a given, but he doens't need to be in every batbook. I want to see Dick solo as Batman.

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I almost thought you were being serious, but then I remembered that this is the internet :up:

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Agreed Walrus.
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