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Default Re: Michael Bay out of the way!

Originally Posted by luca_frontino View Post
G1 are boxy because our vehicles are boxy too.
No, its because the bonnet becomes the bot's legs, the passenger space becomes the torso and the trunk becomes the hands. Simple as that.

In my view, Bay's transformers are not only cool to look at, they also have variety in shape (sideways and bonecrusher have rollers, that constructicon is a unicycle, starscream is a chicken, Devastator is a.... dinosaur?), their transformations are stunning and they can transform parts of their hands to make weapons (which is awesome and makes perfect sense).

I also like how Bay did his own thing with some of them. I love how Bumblebee isnt the short weakling autobot anymore (and i also love his cute personna), i love Jetfire (from what i have seen till now), Prime is just majestic and Megatron is scary as the devil.

Fix Bay's shaky cam and make the humor smarter and less facepalm worthy and i give TF 10/10 as far as action blockbusters go.

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