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Default Re: Michael Bay out of the way!

I remember reading about the ideas the production team had about the transformers. They wanted to make them emote, but didnt know how. They thought about liquid quicksilver faces and Bay said no (thank you Bay) and they eventually came up with this solution. I mean, look at them! Their faces are amazing! They have moving cheeks, eyelids, everything!
And Ironhide is like a puma, Bee is like he is wearing a pilot's helmet and mask, Starscream is like a rodent and Megs is monstrous! I love them!

On another note, my only worry is that this time we wont get this sense of amazement. Sure some bots will be bigger and there will be more explosions, but there wont be this sense of aw and those goosebumps we got when Prime first transformed.

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