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Default Re: Michael Bay out of the way!

Originally Posted by Mr. Earle View Post
No, its because the bonnet becomes the bot's legs, the passenger space becomes the torso and the trunk becomes the hands. Simple as that.

In my view, Bay's transformers are not only cool to look at, they also have variety in shape (sideways and bonecrusher have rollers, that constructicon is a unicycle, starscream is a chicken, Devastator is a.... dinosaur?), their transformations are stunning and they can transform parts of their hands to make weapons (which is awesome and makes perfect sense).
Yeah Starscream looking like a chicken isn't a good thing. There's no need for robots to look like dinosaurs. That's why we have the Dinobots. Transformers are supposed to have humanoid robot forms to parallel humans. Their alt forms are where they appear to be something foreign like an animal or a vehicle. And bumblebee having a blaster for a hand is not a mind blowing addition. It's rather basic.

I also like how Bay did his own thing with some of them. I love how Bumblebee isnt the short weakling autobot anymore (and i also love his cute personna), i love Jetfire (from what i have seen till now), Prime is just majestic and Megatron is scary as the devil.
Bumblebee is still a runt but having him as a nerdy friend of Sam made the character more relatable. It was as if the only Autobot who could truly relate to Sam was a pacifist and a geek. Jetfire looks silly with his wulrus stache and cane. Nothing Bay did made him anymore majestic ("My bad"?). And Megatron looks like a run-of-the-mill monster. Gone was the humanoid for that made him look like he had a nazi helmet on wih his sadistic grin. His giant arm bazooka was iconic and a powerful image of a warlord. Now he looks like a monster you'd find in a sci-fi channel original. Gone is any parallel you'd find to an evil dictator of human history which made the character far more symbolic.

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