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Default Re: The 'Streets of Gotham' Thread

Originally Posted by JTStarkiller View Post
The $3.99 price tag makes it feel short to me.

If you feel that way you could always just wait for the trade

unlike Marvel it's great that DC at least gives you an extra bang for your buck when they hike up books by an extra buck. I was furious that manhunter got canned that was one of my favorite books so I get the further adventures of Kate even if it's not in a proper full issue. Works for me and I still get to pay $2.99 for the majority of everything else I read. So I don't mind paying the extra buck in this case.

Though I could see how this could irritate those who don't care beyond Batman. Like in the case of Booster Gold though since I never cared for the new Blue Beetle comic it is annoying to pay the extra buck but that books is far too entertaining and well written for me to just drop it now.

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