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Default Re: Michael Bay out of the way!

This conversation about the fangs is ridiculous.
Why doesnt anyone talk about the noses? Both in G1 (suck it Geewuners) and in the movies. Do they smell?
Why do they have mouths in G1? Shouldnt they have some sort of speaker?

So you see its ridiculous. Prime looks the way he looks because he is the good guy. Megatron looks like a nazi in G1 and like a monster in the movies because he is the villain. Its as simple as that.

Aliens would look nothing like humans in the real world. They look the way the look because they are based on our fiction. At least the bayformers have some variety. I remember a picture that showed HotRod next to a couple of autobots and the only difference in their heads was the fin on their helmet and the colour.

At least, as robots from another planet that can transform into anything, Bay has given them a variety of forms, number of fingers, wheels instead of legs, etc. He evolved the designs and didnt copy those 20 year old designs.

Every superhero has had changes to his suit and gear over the years, why cant Transformers evolve to suit our time?

Enjoy your cubes and nearly identical robots.

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