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Default Re: Michael Bay out of the way!

Originally Posted by CEREBRAL.... View Post
Like i said..noone can say the G1 verison wouldn't work..cuz we don' t know (never seen it on least i haven't)..and i have no problem updating the look of robots/aliens whatever u want to call them...i just think alot and almost all the deceps look like put together trash cans who lack color ....i think messiahdeoy makes some very good points.
The G1 designs are too blocky and simple to look compelling in a real world setting. The only way they would work is if the entire movie was an animated CG film, because that's the one setting where such cartoony looking designs would be acceptable. I am an animator and I can assure you that in addition to the fact that the G1 designs would look stupid in real life, they simply would not be any fun to animate as CG. The G1 designs are what you would use in a direct-to-video movie or a Sci-Fi Saturday Original, because they are simple and easy to animate. For a multi-million dollar blockbuster though, a more baroque design is preferable.

The Bayformers do look different from the G1s, I won't argue against that. However, the important thing is that they are trying to maintain a sense of the characters' silhouettes. If you compare G1 Starscream to Bayformers Star Scream, yes they do have some rather remarkable differences, but if you were to just examine their silhouette, you can see a lot of similarities. The same can be said of many of the characters, and in character design half of the work is making a recognizable silhouette. I think the Bayformers overall do a good job of updating and adjusting how the characters look for a 21st century motion picture.

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