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Default Re: Michael Bay out of the way!

Originally Posted by Figs View Post
Nope, not at all. Having grown up on the cartoon series myself(I'm currently 28), I've just grown up and matured enough to realize that the cartoon which literally was a 20-25 minute toy commercial was cheesy, still fun but incredibly cheesy. It's due to that, that I can respect and even look forward to changes made for the better like getting rid of the blocky structure for something more plausable and realistic.

As well as making their faces a bit different so they all don't share the same gray colored looking face like the cartoon in which if it wasn't for different voice actors and their body color they would look like the same guy...looking just at their faces at least.

I appreciate the G1 design and some of the stories but like Figs said the 80's cartoon was and still is incredibly cheesy.

The "Transformers" series only started picking up when it came to thoughtful storytelling and slightly deeper explorations of the main characters in "Beast Wars". Despite the fact that these character were descendants of the original Transformers and now changed their faction names (Maximals/Autobots, Predecons/Decepticons) they were far more interesting than their forefathers with all due respect.

"Beast Wars" also was the first to use Optimus Primal mouth when talking instead of having the faceplate. This is something animators came to realize was important for the character to emote.

I really don't understand most of the complaining as the film has been faithful in the sense of capturing elements from the various animated incarnations we've seen over the past years.

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