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Default Re: Michael Bay out of the way!

Originally Posted by craigdbfan View Post

I appreciate the G1 design and some of the stories but like Figs said the 80's cartoon was and still is incredibly cheesy.

The "Transformers" series only started picking up when it came to thoughtful storytelling and slightly deeper explorations of the main characters in "Beast Wars". Despite the fact that these character were descendants of the original Transformers and now changed their faction names (Maximals/Autobots, Predecons/Decepticons) they were far more interesting than their forefathers with all due respect.

it's your personal perference if you like beast wars over G1...u can't say it started to pick up during Beast Wars..cuz TF'ers has always been popular with the kids

i also find it funny when people say the cartoon was "cheesy", really it was?? no's a's suppose to be..who looks at a cartoon and expect something more out of u ever sit down and watch anything on the disney channel? It's cheesy..cuz it's suppose to be...

i mean i can sit down and watch an old 80s cartoon and not be appauled given the year and the genre that's it's under...

i think a lot of you guys keep thinking people want the exact same thing from the cartoon..and that's not the case...yes somethings referenced from the cartoon..but not the cartoon in itself onto the live action's a misconcepation that gets used too much on here...

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