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Default Re: Michael Bay out of the way!

Originally Posted by CEREBRAL.... View Post
it's your personal perference if you like beast wars over G1...u can't say it started to pick up during Beast Wars..cuz TF'ers has always been popular with the kids

i also find it funny when people say the cartoon was "cheesy", really it was?? no's a's suppose to be..who looks at a cartoon and expect something more out of u ever sit down and watch anything on the disney channel? It's cheesy..cuz it's suppose to be...

i mean i can sit down and watch an old 80s cartoon and not be appaulled given the year and the genre that's it's under...

i think a lot of you guys keep thinking people want the exact same thing from the cartoon..and that's not the case...yes somethings referenced from the cartoon..but not the cartoon in itself onto the live action's a misconcepation that gets used too much on here...
Most not all but yes...most fanboys do in fact want an exact live action version just like the cartoon. You may not be that extreme but I'll say again, Most are.

I understand with most of the internet community everything must be super serious and "EPIC" but frankly I don't necessarily need that in ALL of the films I watch. Transformers which is essentially two factions of robots duking it out is an idea or concept that I don't mind if we got the slightly dumbed down version instead of some super drama that will somehow leave you touched as you walk out of the theatre.

Also, Disney's full length animated movies(not sure about Disney channel if they have lame or cheesy shows on their)old and somewhat new are all cartoons as well but they're not exactly cheesy. Or cheesy in the same manner as Saturday Morning cartoons. Just because something is a cartoon does not make it cheesy or means that it has to be.

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