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Default Re: The Transformers:Revenge Of The Fallen user review thread

Okay first review. I would advise anyone wanting the film to be a surprise NOT to read my review. I will however say for those...IT WAS IMMENSE.

Okay so to open with we get some nice history, TF on Earth with Primitive man and a quality opening with Demolisher. Sideways is in this opening but lasts all of 10 seconds. Demolisher does a bit better but Prime is launched from a carrier in the air and Transforms mid way which was stunning and a great opening for him. As soon as Prime enters the fray Demolisher don't last long. The reason I have described the opening is because this is true throughout the film. Prime is a bad sorry THE bad ass. Every one of his fights is a walk in the park, forget the pussy Prime on TF 1, this is how Prime should be. The action in this film (especially the forest fight) is top notch but very draining. I was actually very thankful for the comedy, it may offend some people but I was fine with it. The opening hour paces a long and then as soon as Jet Fire turns up things slow down quite a lot as he delves into exposition. However savour this brief interlude, you will need it. The humans don't feel as intrusive as they did in 1 and the Twins/Wheelie are not Jar Jar where near. Megatrons return is somewhat rushed, you dont see him get built, just infused with the All Spark shard and then he goes off to Mars (I think it is Mars) when Starscream and the Fallen are chilling. The Decepticons really feel like a race in this film, they feel alive. Soundwave is welcome and perfectly done...just hope he is used in the third alot. Ravage was also great and YES he and BB do fight. The last fight is immense and very loud, it takes perhaps too long to actually start but when it does it races along. That is a bit off a problem it ends very suddenly. There is a Prime outro but I guess because it isn't as long as number 1 it feels like a rushed ending. There are a few shots ripped from TF1 but not to point of hurting the film and the Starscream/Megs rivalry is nicely played.

All in all this film was bigger and better than the first with each faction feeling like a civilisation. If you loved the first you will love this, but it will not change the minds of those who hated the first. A great action comedy. 9/10

In the end, it'll be every man for himself...

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