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Default Re: The Transformers:Revenge Of The Fallen user review thread

Originally Posted by Figs View Post
Glad you liked it Lunar.

I can't wait to see it, I know what to expect since it's a Bay film so I don't think I'll be disappointed. So is a lot of the humour that bad?

I want to know so I can tell my parents if they'll like it or not. They really enjoyed the first film but really did not like the masturbation joke. To be honest and I'm not really sensitive or conservative, I even found it a bit out of place and felt it was in bad taste.
It's not like it's not funny, but kinda too much for kids. Skids calls Leo a p*ssy.
Originally Posted by Kal-El 8 View Post
Thank you for answering my questions.

Here are a few more

1. Is Tony Todd the voice of the fallen ?

2. How were Jolt, Arcee, were they any good ?

3. Is the Space bridge or Energon seen ?
1. Yes

2. Jolt is in the background once or twice and Arcee is barely in it.

4. Space bridge is mentioned and there is one scene where we see decepticon protoforms in energon which is blue.

I'm seeing it again in 2 hours. There is so much going on at times, it was hard to catch everything at first in scenes.

Hitler on a cob is a disturbing image.
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