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Default Re: The Transformers:Revenge Of The Fallen user review thread

Originally Posted by Dr Lee View Post
Saw the movie last night.......Loved it!

Just to cut down a long thread to something manageable... i'll spoiler tag the sections.


Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
CGI is top notch.... best i've seen from ILM ever TBH
Prime was Badass.....
The Twins- So what if they were stupid rednecks..... i loved them.
Jetfire- Complete and utter Awesome!
Kevin Dunn- Kinda a surprise at the amount he had to do this time....
Megs and StarScream were don't brilliantly, SS seemed much more like his G1 personality.
Bumblebee was Badass in a few scenes as well.

The bad-

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Despite the 2 hours 27 minute run time.... it felt too rushed.

I was confused during the climatic battle as to who was who..... not cuz i couldn't see what was going on... but because characters popped up here... then there... and somewhere else.... all at once.

Strange shot of Bonecrusher...... Yes Bonecrusher. There's a shot of a line of advancing 'Cons.... and slap bang in the centre is Bonecrusher in Vehicles mode.

Too many characters...... Not sure why but there were far too many Autobots in movie..... Jolt never said a word, and was only seen TWICE, Sideswipe had a bit more to do , but again, only had one or two lines.... Hide, Ratchet... reduced to secondary characters....the Arcee bikes.... never explained if they were one unit or three seperate units in a team,

Soundwave was nothing more than a head poking out the top of a USAF satellite.

The Ugly-

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
close-up of Simmons' butt in a thong:jack_new_anime05:
Devestator had testicles..... No lie.:mckay:
The possibly Gay dog sex:jack_new_anime05: (Mojo humping a dog called 'Frankie'.... didn't hear if they said if it was a boy or girl dog though)
Wheelie madly humping Megan's leg
Knew I saw Bonecrusher.

Did Simmons say the f word or did i hear things?

Hitler on a cob is a disturbing image.
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