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Default Re: The Transformers:Revenge Of The Fallen user review thread

Originally Posted by chaseter View Post
Maybe it was like something that has been seen time and time again. In Sorcer's/Philosophers Stone, magic kept those that were looking for it from getting it. So, Harry was able to get the stone where Voldemort could not. Maybe the Matrix is only protected against the Fallen because he is the only one that wants it. Would that be the same thing? That theme has been seen in a ton of novels and movies...the Sword and the Stone for another example.
Possibly. I was under the belief that this was set in the real world. We happen to be visited by technological aliens, but it IS the real world. So, maybe I'm looking at it wrong. I mean; Sam dies and is revived by a vision, which also turns dust into the matrix. That is pretty magicy. Meh, just don't get your hopes up. If you enjoy it, good for you. I enjoyed most of it, it just got a bit boring now and then.

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