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Default Re: The Transformers:Revenge Of The Fallen user review thread

Originally Posted by Mr. Earle View Post
1) Do they talk? I hope they do.
2) Do they fight the Fallen?
3) Is the Fallen scary as Megs was in the first movie (he was scary to me at least) or is he a complete laughing stock?
4) Does Bumblebee ever talk like a normal robot? I think i enjoy his puppy noises... His response to Sam's mom when she calls him a "psychotic alien" is very funny.
1. One of them does when Sam is 'dead', and reveals that the Matrix of Leadership is not found but earned after Sam found the device in a tomb yet fizzled into dust as he touched it (causing him to have an emotional break down as he planned to use it to bring Optimus back to life). This Prime speaks of how they have watched him for a long time, and that this is and always has been his destiny, praising him for his natural talent for leadership.

2. There is a scene like a flash back where it shows a civil war between the two factions and The Fallen on top holding the Matrix. Whether they fight him or not is unknown but we are lead to presume they did because the following scene speaks of how they recaptured the Matrix and hid it from him.

3. I found him to be more scary, yea.

4. No he does not and let me tell you, I was hoping he would but in hindsight I'm grateful he doesn't. A lot of them speak and crack jokes throughout the movie - leaving Bumblebee as the way he is gives him irreplaceable charm that makes him easily the most likeable character in the film. There is a scene with Sam and this "girl" in the car with him, and let me just tell you, you will not laugh as hard for a long time.

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