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Default Re: Would you watch an X-Men animated series/DTV/film that did not have Wolverine in

Originally Posted by Sawyer View Post
I'm kinda sick of people blaming TDK for crap like this... I'm fairly certain that Fox decided to put Wolverine front and center in the X-films long before Christopher Nolan even considered taking the reigns of the Batman franchise.
Even if. Notice also that I said "Batman in general." TDK was a very powerful reinforcement.

Originally Posted by Chris Tolworthy
The environment can be seen as external memory. Our actions leave traces (such as footprints or marks on rocks) and these enable us to reconstruct the past. In the last six thousand years this was refined into writing, and in the last two hundred years this was further refined into machine technology, enabling us to record more and also extract more of the memories we left behind.
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