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Default Re: Michael Bay out of the way!

Originally Posted by Sentinel X View Post
Yes! This is great news. Don't get me wrong Bayformers 1 was fun when I saw it in theaters (not good for rewatchibility though...except for the final battle which is always fun). He had a chance to do Transformers 1 and would be great to see someone else do the film...also with Steven Spielberg as executive producer is it possible that he'd concider taking over for Bay?

Then again this could just be Bay talking just to get a bigger pay check for the 3rd...I remember he did the same thing when the first one was released. (Like his paycheck could get any bigger...I hear he made 70 million for transformers 1.)
It can. As long as the sequel makes more money , his back end deal will result in more cash.
I dunno if TF:ROTF can break TDK's BO performance in the US and WW ( 530 million domestic and 1 billion WW) but there is a good chance of TF:ROTF making 400 million in the US and possibly 900 million WW

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