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Default Re: Michael Bay out of the way!

Originally Posted by Mantis Rapture View Post
Spielberg. Cameron. Raimi. Jackson. Singer. Tarantino. Nolan. Greengrass. Abrams. Scott (either of them). Whedon. Mann.
I would say yes to Spielberg, and both Scotts. Everyone else, I'm not a fan of. MAYBE Mann. But he's more in line with the cops and robbers kind of action and not giant robots.

And Nolan should stick with the movies his doing, which are dark and intelligent. TF would be too different for him, imo.

And Abrams has only done Star Trek. Lets see if he can do another good movie, as I thought M:I3 sucked.

Originally Posted by luca_frontino View Post
No way! The reboot must come in time for the 30th anniversary.
A reboot will not happen.

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