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Default Re: Batman should die in the next film!

If some director wanted to make a "pseudo sequel" to the nolan franchise its not the director you have to go after with torches and pitchforks...its WB for giving it the green light...btw just because we havent really had a good "pseudo sequel" yet doesnt mean its not possible for one to actually be liked by us you can always grow to the idea if you stay open minded I mean look what happend when we all saw that the jokers white face is just makeup and not his real skin...a lot of people were upset but what they lacked for in appearance they made up very much and then some staying true to character (which is what really matters). The point is ya never know (not that i liked BF or B&R) but to kill off batman just to sever any chance of trying to continue from that i think is...yea just not good lol

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