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Default Re: Batman should die in the next film!

Originally Posted by Spider-Vader View Post
I say no. Who wants to see Batman die? Hell DC didn't even really kill him in the comics. There's no way he'll die.
If we're going to get technical, yes they've killed Batman in the comics before, way back in the 70s, the Golden Age Batman died for good. And in several elseworlds that have been published since then; it's not like such a move would be unprecedented.

This is not a gimmick for the sake of gimmicks; this is meant as a closure to Nolan's story, which if you watch the first two movies, they flow like one long saga. It needs to have a real ending.

Originally Posted by shingi70 View Post
thruthfully why cant they veer off into the werid bat mythos stuff? I know nolans batman is realstic but wasnt the point off the dark knight and oringal bob kane series was esclation. The more batman pushed the response was the werider villans and bad guys .

plus i want to see christan bale in the JL movie it would make for some great interaction between bats and these super super heroes.

also isnt it possible to make pausible origins for people like clayface and killer kroc.
Because Nolan says his Batman doesn't get into that kind of stuff. I'm not going to second guess him on his own creation.

Baleman in the JL? HA!! keep dreaming!

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