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Default Re: Michael Bay out of the way!

Originally Posted by Golgo-13 View Post
I think after TF2 they should leave Transformers alone for a good 5-6 years; then reboot the franchise. Give us an all out epic G1 on screen adaption of the story featuring, 'The Ark', the crash into the volcano, their entombment on earth for 4 million years,etc..the whole shibang.

The Transformers we have now look better than anything G1 ever put out.

5 years for a reboot...HAHAHAHA. Will not happen. They will continue with this franchise until it stops making money and guess won't for a longgggg longgggggggggggggggg time.

This current franchise could easily do 6 films and I expect it to do so. Might get a different cast and a different director but they will not reboot this franchise after 2 films nor 3.

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