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Default Re: Michael Bay out of the way!

Originally Posted by LightningFlash View Post
I would say yes to Spielberg, and both Scotts. Everyone else, I'm not a fan of. MAYBE Mann. But he's more in line with the cops and robbers kind of action and not giant robots.

And Nolan should stick with the movies his doing, which are dark and intelligent. TF would be too different for him, imo.

And Abrams has only done Star Trek. Lets see if he can do another good movie, as I thought M:I3 sucked.
I was never actually suggesting replacing Bay with any of those Directors, just explaining to whoever i was explaining to that there are many Directors who can handle action, story, character, emotion - Bay can't, he's a one trick pony.

And your NOT a fan of James Cameron?

I'm actually looking foward to seeing Andrew Stantons 'John Carter of Mars' - if he can pull of live action (and deliver some ACTION), i'd love to see him get hold of the Transformers franchise - he might be able to actually breath some character and emotion into all the big CGI robot special effects.

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