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Default Re: Michael Bay out of the way!

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
it's so easy to pick a film apart from it's many missed opportunities
while completely missing out on intent
Yes, that's called "film criticism". I'm sure Ed Wood had the intent to make good movies too, but it's the final product that must be judged.

bay caters to this audience while the critics and boarders hate him for not making it the way they wanted
So, just to clarify -- who specifically is Bay catering to (besides Bay-loving fanboys of course)? Part of the problem seems to be that Bay is all over the place in trying to appeal to what he considers the mainstream American public -- the hyperactive kids, the frat-boys, the fans of broad simple comedy, etc. But I kind of thought that the whole concept of alien transforming robots was first and foremost a sci-fi concept. So forgive me for applying a sci-fi aesthetic to these movies and using that as a basis for my criticism.

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