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Default Re: Batman should die in the next film!

first of all i dont want batman to die in film unless the film is in the future and its precedessor was following what to them would be a past storyline like final crisis, batman rip, and battle of the cowl. i mean look what happend to the 3rd x-men when ratner used the gifted storyline involving a cure as an influence. it messed the film up hence why a modern storyline happening at the same time simply does not work. also whats the point with studios like wb to keep rebooting movie franchises anyway? i mean the whole point of the batman reboot was to make a good movie. seriously they went from batman and robin which is the biggest bomb in motion picture history to the dark knight which is now one of the greatist films ever and one of the highest grossing films ever. they shouldnt reboot batman just because heath died and apparently two-face died, and they definatley shouldnt do any "psuedo sequels", or any type of crap like that just so they can make more money of of future generations of kids. i couldnt care less if they keep making animated movies or a new animated series every 5 years or so. i just dont want wb to keep screwing around with the movies. nolan and bale should come back for one more and have the 3rd one end on a triumphant and ambiguous note. thats what should happen.

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