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Default Re: The Twins: Racist?

Originally Posted by Timstuff View Post
Looking at their pictures, I assumed they were supposed to be rednecks.
When i hear that "We don't do much readin' " thats what i think.

Originally Posted by bunk View Post
I think it says more about the person watching the movie if they see those types of characters and immediately think of black people.
totally agree.

I think the people that find this stuff racist would love the show of a certain comedian where among other things he says:"There's black people and there's ******s... and ******s have got to go!!!"
I can hear them screaming bloody murder at that line alone. You know who said it?
Chris Rock, one of the USA's top BLACK comedians. Was he being racist when he said that? Hell, no. As he himself says "It's not the words you say, it's the context in wich the words are said".
We're talking about 2 alien robots. As another poster said, they probably got their speech paterns off the internet, like Jazz. If they had 2 actual black kids saying the stuff the twins say, then i think the stereotype line had been crossed.
People have got to stop taking this stuff so serious.

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