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Default Re: Batman should die in the next film!

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
You don't need to re-start the franchise over again. BB did the origin story well enough that another should really not be necessary, possibly ever again. We're not talking about reboots(that's what you need to do when you royally F it up) or a re-start(basically another name for a reboot), but rather a reimagining. A different take to be started somewhere with Batman already ensconced as Gotham's dark knight/protector.

If one were unsatisfied with the current franchise, I could see why a re-imagining would be desirable. There are many "takes" on the character that could be explored. I fail to see how this approach is necessary to avoid "rehashing" stories. I would think the best way to avoid that would be to continue with a series which as already told certain stories, and thus is forced to imagine new ones.

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