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Default Re: The Twins: Racist?

So what if it is offensive?
Why the hell do we have to be so sensitive to everything? Their is someone on this planet that doesn't like you. Odds are that they hate you too. And that goes both ways. The whole "offensive" thing is such a hypocrisy. Most people don't give a damn about the strangers around them. But on the other hand they will blast someone for being "offensive". Then they want an apology. Psh!, apologize for being a hypocrite then I will apologize for being offensive.

And the race issue? Obviously its poking fun at that type of person. There have been plenty of redneck characters and no one says anything 'bout it. Why? because there are uneducated, low intelligence backwoods white dudes out there in real life. Just like there are uneducated low intelligence ghetto black dudes out there in real life.
Making fun of real life with satire is not racist.

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