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Default Re: The Twins: Racist?

Originally Posted by bunk View Post
No. You're insinuating he has little to no control of his career, and that the characters he plays are not of his choosing, but rather a by-product of some ridiculous notion he is merely a puppet on the strings of others. Don't throw people you don't know under the bus to make a point.
Exactly. Apparently he/she thinks that black actors in Hollywood are forced to play roles that 'white Hollywood producers' choose for them.

This debate is ridiculous.

"You can leave a penny, you can't take a penny. You can leave a penny anytime. You have to spend $10 to take a penny. Store policy."
"Since when has this been store policy?"
"Uh, since my boss made up the policy. You gonna pay? You're holding up my line of one other person. You can't afford your milk, step aside. What, daddy didn't give you enough milk money? Little baby gonna cry about it? Just step aside."
And that is how Uncle Ben dies.
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