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Default Re: The Twins: Racist?

(late night soapbox)

Things like this are infuriating to the few because they see the many drift through life and fail to note the significance. It's the underlying point of many who ring the racist bell... much of the racism that exists nowadays is latent. Definition of latent: present but not visible, apparent, or actualized; existing as potential: latent ability. Most white racists nowadays dont drive the general lee and burn crosses in lawns. They just cross the street when a group of black kids come around the corner up ahead of them. Who thought it was racist when Obama was called "articulate" by Joe Biden? There is nothing inherently wrong with the word but that trait sprung to Joe's mind as the exceptional characteristic for that person. Exceptional, ...uncommon, ...anomoulous. Articulate is not a trait foreign to politicians so in what sphere did that trait garner exception? Maybe it was "articulate" ...for his age. Maybe it was "articulate" ...for a black person. Maybe, just maybe, he was "articulate" ...for a ...human. Latent racism is perpetuated by movies, music, comics, comedians, etc., etc., that more often than not boil down characters to the quickest and easiest thing, thinly-veiled stereotypes. Maybe Bay makes big-lipped broad-nosed robots with gold teeth speak hip hop and break dance and maybe the most prominent black comedians portray white with no rhythm a submissive voice and overly correct english while straightening glasses that aren't there. Maybe the majority just want to laugh and not think about racism.

Believing the current state of yourself or your society is as good as it gets is just lazy.

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