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Default Re: The Twins: Racist?

Originally Posted by Mantis Rapture View Post
No, my friend, you are the idiot. If you can't see how the characterization (characterization?!?! In a Bay film?!?!) of these two retards was racist, then i have no hope for you in life.

The Twins actually made my jaw drop a few times throughout the film. Somebody who was part of the production, somewhere down the line, must have seen these guys and told Bay they were the worst things they'ld ever seen. Someone MUST have.

And Bay just threw them in anyway.
So only black people speak Ghetto? hmmmmmmmmm that's strange so speaking the ghetto is a black thing? Boy oh boy black people should make up their mind, ghetto is either a black only thing or its not. This whole thing just seems to me that its yet another thing black people and PC noobs want to complain about ****ing idiots.

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