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Default Re: The Twins: Racist?

You know how they say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery?

Well it isn't. Not always.

You ever see a racist white guy do an imitation of a black person? The imitation is filled with with ignorant ghetto speak and foolishness to mock blacks. If the twins also do this it would not be a stretch to consider it racist.

This imitation is the interpretation of what blacks are supposedly like. And in this case that happens to be buffoons who speak ghetto speak.

Jazz and Blaster were soulful characters. They weren't buffoons and clowns that expressed the worst black culture had to offer and if they had bragged about not reading it would be just as offensive then as it is now.

What if the Transformers with Asian personalities had buck teeth, pronounced their "L"s and "V"s like "R"s and bragged that they "don't do much driving". How could these ugly stereotypes be defended. It's obviously racist if the stereotypes mock a race the way the twins do.

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