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Default Re: Cool movie but.....

Originally Posted by Shaolin Kenobi View Post
It was always my understanding that sexism was part of Stark's character flaws.
On this I agree. Falcone does raise an interesting part though. I think Iron Man is borderline sexist, but only in certain instances. Tony Stark is a well known billionaire. It's not surprising or sexist to expect plenty of women to throw themselves at him.

I'm glad that one scene was deleted though. Giving women as gifts is a little overkill IMO. As for the hallway scene, sadly that's just how people are. If a famous celeb asked a woman to come join them in partying, 99% of the time they'd say "hell yeah!" But that's not a slight at women, as men would do the exact same. If a billionaire asked me if I want to join them for a party I'd join too. I hate partying and drinking, but I know the value of a free meal.

The one bothersome part to me was the reporter. She goes from being a character that could have some merit, then she all of a sudden looks like a ****. I think she should've stuck to her guns, and been a person that's looking for the truth. I she would have turned Stark down, then she wouldn't look like a jealous **** throughout the movie.

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