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Default Re: Create Your Own X-men (Official Heromachine Thread)

Name: Chemyst

Real Name: Evelyn Wong

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Red

Race: Asian-American

Power: Can break down and control elements into their three forms, solid, liquids, and gas.

Origin Of Power: Birth. Developed when she was at the age of 14, while at her mother's lab. Tragically, she caused the deaths of her mother and 10 of her coworkers when she made a hazardous chemical turn into mist and get into the AC system.

Bio: Evelyn ''Evey" Wong was born to single mother, Doctor Aida Wong when she was very young. Her mother had been raped by an unknown American assailant during the night. Unable to take a life, she was born to Aida at her young age of 17. Evey grew up around her mother and grandmother and had grown proud of her mother's work at a pharmaceutical plant in Taiwan. When the tragedy of her powers struck, Evey decided it was time to leave Taiwan and her former life behind unable to face her grandmother. She's lived in New York on the street she was 15, at the age of 23 she finally joined the X-Men after many years leading a group of young female mutant gang member who felt they were freaks.

Height: 5"6

Weight: 115 pounds

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