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Default Re: Transformers or Revenge of the Fallen: Which Was Better?

Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
They also didn't waste too much time on stupid sex jokes and the story as a whole was just clicking better. They build up overall is much better. Autobots and Decepticons duking it out in the town, Bumblebee taking down Brawl (Devastator), the showdown between Megatron and Optimus, Optimus shouting to Sam to push the Allspark into his chest, it was just all flowing so much better.
i agree. the finale in thefirst movie was better written.
ROTF didnt have a lot of structure. it was like all over the place.

the ending was also better in the first movie. it goes from OP talking to the military throwing megatron in the watter and then mikaela and sam kissing and OP calling otehr autobots.. in ROTF its just OP saying some lines to Sam and then boom.......over. like something was missing.
it was to me like a cartoon episode. you know oyu will get the next episode the next saturday. this is a movie. it should have more complex ending.

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