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Default Re: Create Your Own X-men (Official Heromachine Thread)

Name: Clara (teased by "pup", sometimes people call her werewolf but she hates it.)

Real Name: Clara Ranel

Age: Late twenties

Eye Colour: very bright green

Hair Colour: Brown

Race: Unknown, English (accent is mixed, although sometimes you can pick up on accents like British, American and Australian.)

Ability: Transformation into a wolf. this power has made her pick up certain aspects of the creature she transforms into, fast reflexes, fast runner, exceptional hearing,sight and smell.

Origin of Ability: Unknown to her, probably since birth. Shot whilst morphed on a farm in Britain, her memories of early years are scattered (they are known to her by the proffessor, and she finds she is in fact british, and it was in fact her family who saw her morph at fifteen and shot her) but she clearly remembers the past twelve or so years. the shooting left her with a scar in her hairline and slight brain damage. she finds it hard to concentrate and gets frequent migraines. When fifteen she was shot, she was taken to hospital, upon recovery, she made the bullet taken out of her skull into a necklace, and accidentally morphed when her parents killed themselves ,she became nomadic, not daring to stay too long in case they threw her out again. she made money by selling rabbits to butchers to pay for what she couldn't steal.

Weight: about 60 kilos

Height: 5'7"

Costume: usually dosen't wear one, she is in wolf form most of the time. when she is in human form though, she wears jeans or camo pants, singlets and tank tops and has a celtic band tattoo around her upper right arm. mostly she lets her long hair hang loose over her shoulders.

Personality: mysterious, a little bit tricksy, she has a store of insults and comebacks outnumbered, and usually sleeps in the school's dorm halls. she feels more wolf than human, and only changes to human form to face the public. to communicate, she has picked up minor telepathic abilities that only allow her to send thoughts.
She was there before wolverine came but they often have insult wars over "territory issues". they work together, pretty well but they often "accidentally" miss a weapon or something so the other has to make some fast movements...

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