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Default Re: The Twins: Racist?

Originally Posted by Nivek View Post
He just a schmuck internet critic. They are like rat's on a ship. all over inflated opinion and childish ego.

And whats funny, none of the African American audience members didn't leave, they were *gasp* enjoying themselves and laughing when the twins were on screen. The damnedest thing...
Maybe, but he's also a very good writer and editorialist. Whatever you think of this particular article, he's very good at creating an interesting dialogue around particular films. He's one of the few internet writers at least attempting to push internet film criticism forward as opposed to delivering lazy "this movie was liek busting a nutt on someone's face" AICN criticism. Does he have a big ego? Yup. But he'd be a pretty lousy editorialist and critic if he wasn't really opinionated. That he's articulate is a bonus. Plus, he no doubt got press over this article, but I doubt Paramount will be overly charitable in regards to set visits and pre-screenings towards him in the future.

Yeah, lot's laughed in my theatre too. But we can't generalize our own audience's as representing the population at large. I attended with two friends who are African American. One just rolled his eyes about them, laughed a few times, and said they were kind of unnecessary, inoffensive and a bit annoying. The other was actually kinda pissed off and somewhat insulted. Is one right over the other? No. Is it at least an interesting discussion to be had about a film that seems to devalue intelligent thought? Yes.

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