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Default Re: The Twins: Racist?

Originally Posted by nocomics View Post
hmm, how do they know they are 'black robots' I know alot of white kids who talk that way

Anywho, I didn't find them racist just freaking annoying most of the film. Ya,they had a few funny parts,but dang they were just so annoying and throw in the urban dialect,good lord. Found them on par with Jar Jar Binks on the annoying scale.
But why do white kids talk that way? Where did they learn to speak that way, or where is it perceived that they picked up that 'urban' dialect? Urban is now a code or term used for black nowadays.

I haven't seen the twins, but your comparison to Jar Jar Binks might be apt, in regards to both being annoying, and because Jar Jar Binks was roundly criticized for being a stereotype. Just because a black actor played him had nothing to do with it, except perhaps make the knife wound feel even deeper. As I've said in other posts, there have been blacks willing to demean themselves since the minstrel days. Back in the day, I don't blame them so much, because there was a lack of work for some very talented people and some of them did have problems with what they were doing. Today, I'm a little less sympathetic. There is still a problem with lack of roles and especially quality, non-traditional roles, and maybe some black actors just need the pay check, don't care, don't see anything wrong with it, see it as just a role, or whatever. As a viewer, consumer of mass media I see it differently.

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