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Default Re: Filling in the Plot Holes

I second that, but on the other hand this movie had plot holes you could steer an aircraft carrier through. However, these holes have been pointed out millions of times around here so this thread has no point and will only make matters worse. We already have a "WTF" thread where we can lay off some steam.
Eh, it's here, might as well make this the requisite "plot hole" thread.

I think the movie has absurd elements and a few key errors more than it has too many actual glaring plotholes.

The story is overdone for dramatic purposes, like most stories, although on a truly epic level, which both helps and hurts its quality.

What real plotholes does it have, that cannot be rationally explained, or are not already explained in the film?

Btw, just out of curiosity, i couldnt remember anything in Begins like the part in bold implies. What are you referring to?
The "chance meeting" of Rachel, Batman, Zsasz and his crew, and the kid Batman happened to run into earlier. Sure was convenient.

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