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Default Re: Filling in the Plot Holes

Originally Posted by LightningFlash View Post
Anyone get tired of hearing people nit-pick over Bay's Transformer films, but yet no one in their right mind would dare to nit-pick over Spider-Man 2 or any of Nolan's Batman films, huh? And of silly things too, which can easily be answers.

Or, deep in their hearts, they really enjoyed the two movies, but just can't seem to say so, because the "cool thing" to do is bash Michael Bay.

And...are people dumb enough to not know that there is actually a REAL rail gun?

all i hear is people nit picking those films saying how they aren't as perfect as everyone thinks they are.

I wish those films would be left in peace.

I did enjoy tf2 tho, but I think its okay to pick it apart as long as people are lighthearted about it. Its a movie based on a toy after all.


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