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Default Re: Filling in the Plot Holes

there is a subtitle that says the NEST team is 6 hours away recently after Simmons makes the phone call from Egypt. So that whole quest through the desert bit took place in a 6 hour time frame.
I'm iffy on exactly what you're concerned about. So NEST is six hours away wherever they're located before wheels up? And the issue is that they travel too far too fast, what? Where are Sam and the others before they begin their Trek?

But I think it's kind of pathetic for them to put the 'Great Pyramids' in Jordan (they cross the egyptian border, leaving Egypt before they get to the pyramids) coupled with the fact that they don't know where they are, are they in Jordan, or are they in Egypt(they're in Egypt, being rescued by Jordanian helos)?
I think that's just a checkpoint, not neccessarily the actual border, though I guess it could be. Do they ever say it's the border?

And at the same time, say that Petra is only 100miles away (maybe as the bird flies, without having to drive all the way around the southern tip of Isreal). It's kind of like saying NYC is actually in Mexico (and then forgeting whether you are in NYC or Mexico). It's just stupid.
And how is this relevant to how long it takes for them to get anywhere? What does Petra have to do with anything? I don't even remember Petra being mentioned in the movie.

Geography should be something that is not messed with in films IMO, you end up with little kids thinking one thing, not knowing that the filmmakers are a little uneducated.
I don't know any little kids who go into movies to learn where things are in relation to each other. But that might be just me.

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