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Default Re: Filling in the Plot Holes

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
I think you're wasting your time with this thread. It's pretty obvious some people just want to pick ROTF apart at every level, and simply don't want to think about the things in the movie that do make sense in context, because they're disappointed overall.

It's interesting, really. Because it's fine when characters in BATMAN BEGINS happen to run into each other or be related somehow, or loose plot threads manage to pull together, and it's fine in THE DARK KNIGHT when Harvey Dent happens to fall halfway into a puddle of gasoline that then happens to ignite to the point where he happens to be burnt halfway, or that a mob would keep all their money in one bank, or someone can fall out a window and survive a 40 MPH plunge onto a car unscathed, or a boat full of criminals doesn't blow up a boat full of innocents, or The Joker manages to put all those barrels and explosives on two National Guard supervised evacuation boats, but in a movie about giant transforming robots, apparently we need to question things like why the evil ones didn't just kill the humans outright, because that would be more realistic, or why the Allspark can both kill and heal...

I think there's some fair criticism of the movie, to be sure, and this movie has a number of flaws, over the top elements and what have you, but by and large over the last few days, it sort of comes down to, people have a perception of the film as a whole and either because they don't want to, or aren't capable of rational thinking, they want to impose that perception on every single element of it. And to hell and be damned with assessing each element fairly.
Originally Posted by LightningFlash View Post
Anyone get tired of hearing people nit-pick over Bay's Transformer films, but yet no one in their right mind would dare to nit-pick over Spider-Man 2 or any of Nolan's Batman films, huh? And of silly things too, which can easily be answers.

Or, deep in their hearts, they really enjoyed the two movies, but just can't seem to say so, because the "cool thing" to do is bash Michael Bay.

And...are people dumb enough to not know that there is actually a REAL rail gun?
Both of you hit the nail on the head exactly with these posts, I love those other movies you mention, but they have tons of flaws as well and people seem to have a harder time pointing them out than they do in a Michael Bay movie.

Some of the criticisms I hear mentioned are laughable, like "why/ how did Sam's parents end up in Egypt?" "There is no such thing as the weapon they had on the airline carrier" I mean, are these people serious? As I and Lightning have pointed out, there IS such a thing as a rail gun.

Originally Posted by Superfreak View Post
there is a subtitle that says the NEST team is 6 hours away recently after Simmons makes the phone call from Egypt. So that whole quest through the desert bit took place in a 6 hour time frame.

I can forgive them for the geography messing with the Museum scene.

But I think it's kind of pathetic for them to put the 'Great Pyramids' in Jordan (they cross the egyptian border, leaving Egypt before they get to the pyramids) coupled with the fact that they don't know where they are, are they in Jordan, or are they in Egypt(they're in Egypt, being rescued by Jordanian helos)? And at the same time, say that Petra is only 100miles away (maybe as the bird flies, without having to drive all the way around the southern tip of Isreal). It's kind of like saying NYC is actually in Mexico (and then forgeting whether you are in NYC or Mexico). It's just stupid.

Geography should be something that is not messed with in films IMO, you end up with little kids thinking one thing, not knowing that the filmmakers are a little uneducated.
Yes, of course, because they didnt have to load supplies, weapons, etcs onto the planes, or fuel them, or alert all the people who were travelling on the planes and check that they were present. They obviously didnt leave straight away, so it took more than 6 hours, there was even a night time scene between the phone call and that '6 hours away scene' which was in the day, it obviously took NEST a while to get there.

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