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Default Re: Filling in the Plot Holes

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
I'm iffy on exactly what you're concerned about. So NEST is six hours away wherever they're located before wheels up? And the issue is that they travel too far too fast, what? Where are Sam and the others before they begin their Trek?

it took Sam and crew 6 hours, to get from the great pyramids (which are now in jordan by the way) to Petra, and back, which I'd say is impossible, unless one goes straight through southern isreal

I think that's just a checkpoint, not neccessarily the actual border, though I guess it could be. Do they ever say it's the border?
generally when a character worries about having a passport, it's a border

And how is this relevant to how long it takes for them to get anywhere? What does Petra have to do with anything? I don't even remember Petra being mentioned in the movie.
where do you think the prime tomb was?: Petra, they say it loud a clear in the movie

I don't know any little kids who go into movies to learn where things are in relation to each other. But that might be just me.
some will pick it up, some won't, but it is wrong to be selling false info. Yes, it's a fictional story, but it is set in the our contemporary world. If anything, the 'real facts' in the movie, should be at least somewhat accurate

that's what I mean. Basically, it screams of apathy. Someone in the production, in the writing phase, could have take 1/2 an hour, to look up the region they were writing about on google, or in an encyclopedia. It would have taken no longer than that, to look up the facts... yet no one did this it seems. Most people when they get paid for doing something, try to ensure a level of quality control.

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