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Default Re: Michael Bay out of the way!

Originally Posted by craigdbfan View Post
The story in ROTF was definitely worse that the first in terms of narrative & pacing. There was also an over saturation of comedy (usually hit or miss).

The first films script wasn't gold but it was structured in a much better way than the script for ROTF was.

Not only that but the already simplistic dialogue for the humans was lowered a notch as well. I mean in one sentence Sam uses the word "head" almost consecutively to explain that Megatron was trying to get the ancient Cybertronian language from his brain.

Thats just one example out of many. The plot itself wasn't bad but the manner in which it was structured largely caused ROTF to drag severely throughout parts. I mean during my first viewing I was lethargic by the time Jet Prime came onto the screen.
Originally Posted by craigdbfan View Post
Michael Bay doesn't care what the critics think, Bay is 'unimpressed'

Despite receiving a critical drubbing, "Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen" soared to box office success over the weekend. While director Michael Bay is no stranger to hatred from the critics, the LA Times reports that Bay was not impressed with their lambasting this time.

- ReelzChannel
you kinda proved my point with your second post. i personally don't think it was any different between the two, both were written by 12 year olds, but for shoots and giggles, lets say you are correct. i still don't think it is accurate to say that the script was terrible because of a writer's strike(how long are we gonna milk this one anyways?), it was meant to be what it was.

interesting about the humor, while i thought 90% was cheesy or corny, oddly enough, they all got the huge laughs. and my friends, never seeing anything to do with transformers, including the first movie, said they enjoyed it more than they thought and it was way funnier than they thought it would be. so maybe there is something to it.

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